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Car rental for local usage in Noida

This car rental service is for Local travel within city limits. As per the package (Half Day / Full Day) selected, vehicle can be used in the localities of Noida city

Some of the famous localities of Noida City are:-

Alpha Greater Noida, Dadri, I.A. Surajpur, Maharishi Nagar, Nepz Post Office, Noida Sector 12, Noida Sector 16, Noida Sector 30, Noida Sector 34, Noida Sector 37, Noida Sector 45, Noida Sector 55, Noida Sector 62, Vidyut Nagar

*Distance for full day local is calculated from Garage to Garage i.e. the trip start Km is calculated from vendor’s garage and ends at the same garage